Hi. Hello. You’re probably here because you saw the window display on the corner of 1st Street and Pittsburgh Avenue in Milwaukee.

We’re BlackPaint Studios, artists who recently moved into that building. Something worth knowing about us: We believe in the historical legacy of artists as society’s thought-provokers and instigators. And we take the responsibility that comes with that legacy seriously — questioning norms and addressing injustice in creative ways that encourage others to look at things in a new light. Especially because no one can fire us for it.

It’s been our dream to have a billboard to say (or draw) the things that need to be said. About lots of things, from reproductive rights and immigration to racial inequity and climate change. It started with hanging handmade banners out of the fourth-floor windows of our old warehouse space and is coming to fruition with the Eyes-Open Window Project — where we now get to use the giant windows of our visible new location in downtown Milwaukee as a sounding board to the city.

We’ll be putting up a new display every few months, often in collaboration with other artists or organizations. (This first display was created in partnership with LIT and LionArt Media.) Sometimes it might be just words, other times it’ll be more image-driven. Whatever the moment calls for. The point of this site is to expand on the issue that the latest window display addresses with more information and context. And to offer ways for the people who care to do something tangible about it — to move beyond just saying “damn that sucks” and take an action.

So thanks for caring. And hopefully, for acting too.