Hi. Hello. You’re probably here because you saw one of our art advocacy campaigns on the streets of Milwaukee.

We’re BlackPaint Studios, the artists and organizers behind the Eyes-Open project. Something worth knowing about us: We believe in the historical legacy of artists as society’s thought-provokers and instigators. And we take the responsibility that comes with that legacy seriously — questioning norms and presenting information in creative ways that encourage people to look at things in a new light.

The Eyes-Open Milwaukee project is an ongoing series of multimedia advocacy campaigns that uses art to bring awareness to issues impacting our city in a way that both opens people’s eyes and inspires them to take action. An important part of our campaign-building process is doing our research and looking at the issue from multiple viewpoints. That’s why these projects are done in collaboration with other artists and community organizations. For example, our 2020 campaign about voter suppression in Wisconsin was created in partnership with LIT (a local youth-led political organizing group) and LionArt Media (a Milwaukee-based documentary film studio with a social justice focus).

The goal of this site is to provide information and context around whatever issue our latest campaign addresses. And most importantly, to offer ways for the people who see it and care to do something tangible about it…to take action.

So thanks for caring. And hopefully, for acting too.